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A diverse range of purple and pink blossoms on a lush green bush.

Contemporary Garden

Contemporary Garden: Welcome

The Garden has five functional spaces linked by paths & planting

An entrance garden, a lawn, a place to relax, a dining space and an outdoor kitchen.

The Entrance Garden

The garden is a place to stop and breath. The ethos is for quiet contemplation with a bench and water feature opposite. The garden is arranged around a circular patio paved in a contemporary limestone flag and edged in small setts.  The planting around is divided into quadrants with  rose tree standards and salvias  and contained by dwarf clipped hedging.

A wooden archway leads to a brick building. In the foreground, pink and purple flowers fill the frame.

Water feature on axis to a view from the kitchen window and a simple bench

A contemporary, rust-coloured fountain is framed by a green hedge of the same height.

Dining & Outdoor Kitchen

Rattan outdoor chairs on a cream patio with a rust-coloured fountain in the background.
A wood-clad outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven to the right. A hedge sits behind it.

The dining space is marked by smooth limestone flagstones. A water feature is nestled into the planting, against a cedar clad wall.

A line of 3 evergreen shrubs act as an informal screen, dividing the kitchen area from the dining space.
The kitchen has a BBQ, pizza oven and an island unit with bar stools

A gravel path leads to a small bridge over a modern looking stream. In the background is a contemporary garden with furniture and a red brick house.
Small lilac coloured flowers
Tall plum coloured flowers
Fuscia flowers with thick green leaves.
Agastache Blue fowers with tall buds

The dining space and kitchen are across the pond from the pergola and seating area.

Some of the gorgeous plants that we used in the garden

Contemporary Garden: Services

Step across the pond to the sofa and pergola

The pergola is deliciously planted with repeat flowering rambling roses

Ghislane de Feligonde rose bush
Blush pink coloured rose bush
White rose bush

Rose Ghislane de Feligonde

Rose The Albrighton Rambler

The Generous Gardener

Contemporary Garden: Services

Some Close Ups

A rectilinear, rust-coloured fountain set amongst modern bedding plants and a gravel path.
A path changes from gravel to cream stone tiles as it crosses a small river.

Waterwall in corten steel against the cedar clad boundary fence

White Erigeron Karvinskianus creating a billow effect either side of the path to the pond.

A curved gravel path encompases a lush flower bed filled with pink and purple flowers.

Paths and surprises

Contemporary Garden: Services

How we got there

Here’s What We Provide

New hedges in pots with no leaves sit in front of a tall wooden fence.

Boundaries are treated differently making the garden feel more spacious

Pond under construction

Contemporary garden seating on cream stone slabs sits behind a building site with tools laid around.
A garden fork leans against a rust-coloured fountain.

Final planting

Early stages

A gravel path curves into the distance with dark earth surrounding it being worked by a bright red digger.

We've come a long way

Some before pictures.

A garden lawn with a white wall in the background.
White football nets on a lawn lined up against a red brick house.
Beside a house, a lawn abuts the wall and then morphs into a tiled path.
Contemporary Garden: Services
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