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Formal Walled Garden

The house was built in the 18th Century as a three story-town house - the gardens were bigger than they are now and extended around part of the Abbey.  In c.1920 the then owner gave a proportion of the grounds to the Abbey leaving a self-contained nearly square garden, enclosed by a brick wall.   

When we were asked to design the garden we were presented with a blank canvass. The property was in the process of being transformed from a commercial building into a private house again. The architects, Crafted Architecture, handled the complexities of the transformation which included an impressive extension at the back to provide a large kitchen and hall and to reinstate the orangery.

The aspect from these principal rooms were the starting point for our garden design dictating views, vistas and style. We used lots of clipped topiary at different levels to reinforce the formality and these structural plants wrap themselves around regular shapes to create different rooms. 

Formal Walled Garden: Services
Immature trees are framed with bedding plants and a lawn. There are trees and a church in the background.

Borrowed Landscape

The garden is separated into three spaces intersected by paths, views and vistas and highlighted with topiary.
This  image shows a glimpse of the circular lawn which sits in front of the new orangery. The Abbey, sits comfortably in the landscape - the natural stone terrace a seamless extension to the medieval aesthetic.

The Avenue

The central feature is the Avenue. Clipped evergreen trees are positioned either side of a generous path leading to the house. This part of the garden is enclosed with low growing evergreen hedging plants, yew spheres provide a strong rhythm and during the summer lavender coloured balls from Allium Millennium appear like popsicles inbetween the topiary.

A straight gravel path leads to a portico for a red-brick house. The path is flanked by pruned trees and low-level dark green planting.

One Year On...

It has been a joy to watch the garden mature over the last year and to continue maintaining the densely planted boarders, topiaries and circular lawns.

Formal Walled Garden: Welcome
A pruned topiary in the foreground. A lawn, framed by low level green planting, sits in front of a grand red house in the background.
Formal Walled Garden: Pro Gallery
Susanne jumps for joy on a clean, cream patio with a green conservatory in the background.

How we got there

Building the garden was done during 2022. We used a crisp hard limestone for the terraces and a natural sustainable material for the paths. All the borders were edged in metal  strips. The planting was themed in blues, white and soft pink.

New trees and shrubs in a garden with building materials in the background.
A circular lawn in the baground is surrounded by Earth and mud.
Triangulary topiary and smaller plants are in pots on mud being arranged in front of a red brick house.

The structural trees, topiary and hedging are going in.

The circular lawn is down and growing. The softer herbaceous perennials are yet to be planted

More structural planting

Formal Walled Garden: Services
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