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Read on to see what our happy customers are saying about us.

When I moved in to my house, the garden was very neglected. The soil was in a poor state, with pieces of rubble and glass buried in it, and growing nothing but weeds. Susanne came up with an ambitious plan to transform it. She provided plans and sketches to show what I could expect, and then put those plans into action. The weeds were removed and the old soil was cleared out and replaced. The previously unused crumbling paved area at the bottom of the garden was replaced, making it more light and attractive to sit in. New plants, roses, hedges, all combined to make the garden a delight. I couldn’t be happier with the work that Susanne and her team have done.


Two lawns are joined by a thinner stretch of grass flanked by thickly planteed borders containing brightly coloured flowers. In the background a willow tree draws the eye.

Susanne designed a large terrace project for us at our home. From plans to planting, Susanne gave us every confidence the area would look fab. The area was split into 'rooms' with different ground materials and sympathetic planting creating different areas to sit, eat and gaze. Her knowledge of materials, plants and trees is second to none. We are over the moon and we are very fussy indeed! Would highly recommend Susanne Boswell Garden Design.


A wildflower bed surrounds two delicate brown metal supports with plants climing up them.
Cream coloured ratan furniture is placed on a light cream stone patio. In the background, a contemporary wooden fence supports a bronze coloured water feature.

Susanne took a new build with large plot and designed a garden that worked with my likes (and dislikes). I wanted lots of colour but not a cottage garden. I had no idea about plants only what I dont like. She planted trees including Pleached trees along the boundary, created large borders which are far larger than I would ever have been brave enough to do. It all looks stunning and when I had a garden party last summer everyone was stunned by not only how great it looked but that it looked like it had been in place for years. With her team she maintains all the plants and borders during the year leaving me with a fabulous place to enjoy without the work. The added bonus is I have lots of cut flowers to enjoy.


Suzanne did an amazing job at my employers property. Her knowledge is incredible and she has great eye for the small details. She listened and delivered the perfect garden


A silver metal frame supports a climbing plant covered with draped purple flowers.
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