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A black fence is bordered at its base by a planted border with fresh saplings. A grey hot tub sits in the left of the image on a light stone patio.

Fresh and Fun

Rear garden with a hot tub area, artic cabin, and outside dining.

We're on site with this exciting project. Take a look at our progress photos and see how far we've come.

Our clients love their hot tub (and who doesn't!) and this generated the focus of the design for the new garden. 

Here it is with evergreen trees planted in the border to give a high level screen and year round privacy.

A close up image of large white hydrangeas with lush green leaves.

We're going to plant billowing hydrangeas,  the ones with the large white heads which we think will  go so well with the white porcelain terrace.

We're also putting in nepeta - lots of it!
Bees love it, client loves it and so do we!

A bush with tall purple flowers in the foreground. This Nepeta sits infront of tall, spear-like flowers.
A fence with plants climbing up it sits around an overgrown garden. A water butt and moss covered stones sit either side of a weed-covered patch of ground.

This is where we started. Our clients inherited a garden that was overgrown and had a ground elder infestation and also rampant bamboo.

It was also surrounded on the west by looming conifers shading out the conservatory and most of the sun. 


We've come a long way already and we'll continue to add images as the project goes.

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