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A CGI render of a house in the background with a stone path leading to the front of the image. Rendered flowers and shrubs flank a stone path leading to the front of the image.

Visual Representations

A thick, CGI flowerbed runs alongside a brick path leading up to a small cottage.

Some examples of how we can help you visualise your garden design project.

Photomontages can be a powerful tool in demonstrating the overall feel of a space and can help clients visualise the final product. This photomontage shows a new border for the front garden using easy to care for plants. 

Digital drawings can be essential for efficient and accurate works on site. They are indispensable for demonstrating dimensions, plant species arrangement and hard landscaping designs. Sue is happy creating these for every project to help communicate her ideas effectively.

A technical drawing showing the dimensions of a curved driveway and front garden. Individual plants are shown and labelled.
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