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Country House Garden

The garden is expansive with borders either side steps that lead from the terrace onto the lawn. To the west, the garden has far reaching views across fields and meadows where cattle graze and the sun sets. 

Our clients wanted colour and they liked grasses; they also loved dahlias.


There are three main borders near the house and each has it's own identity yet are held held together by the use of repeated plants. 

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Three Gardens
Three Styles
Held together by repeated themes

Thick wildflower planting with large pink and red flowers
Prairie style planting with rich green shrubbery
Fuscia pink rose bush

Late Flowering

More Prairie in Style

Roses and Herbaceous

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Late Flowering Border

For this part of the garden, we changed the shrubbery into a garden that erupts in colour in August and gets richer and more vibrant until the frosts in Autumn.

Wildflower garden with a sculptural stone in the background
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Embracing colour
Maximising on the borrowed landscape

Once the shrubs were down colour went in exposing the borrowed landscape beyond.


What's not to like!

Wooden pergola structure with wildflowers in foreground
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Colour Max!

We've juxtaposed pinks with peach, reds with blues and it makes the scheme sing.

The border faces the house from this angle

Deep green flower bed with leafy plants and tall flowers
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Balance & Cohesion

Perennials, grasses and dahlias are repeated throughout so that there's balance and cohesion.

Country House Garden: About
Shrubbery arranged in height order with burnt pink flowers in foreground
Organised flower bed with sculpture in the centre.
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More Prairie In Style

Clipped topiary anchor this section of the garden

Country House Garden: About
Landscaping border to lawn with topiary and thick leafy bushes.
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There are lots of grasses and we were lucky that many of them were already in the garden as mature specimens.
We rearranged them and bingo!

Densely planted border with shrubs of varying green tones.
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Roses & Herbaceous

Roses are centre stage amongst large terracotta pots placed nonchalantly

Fuscia pink rose bush with purple flowering bushes in the background.
Sculptural ceramic vase in the foreground surrounded by white roses and other pink toned flowers.
Country House Garden: Services

Here's how we got there!

The images below show the borders being prepared for the new planting scheme

A cleared flower bed surrounded by wild shrubs with a pergola in the background.
Country House Garden: Services
Paving slab path with hedge in the background.
Curved landscaping border to a lawn.
Evergreen shrubs surrounded by earth.

This is now the rose and herbaceous garden

The rose garden being cut to shape

Overgrown shrubs being removed to make way for a brighter scheme next to the house

Country House Garden: Services
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