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Below are projects that have been commissioned and are either on site or which we are currently working on.

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A hand drawn landscaping plan showing green shrubbery and hard landscaping in white. A circular lawn is flanked by a terrace and path with a rose garden and formal lawn in the bottom of the drawing.

A garden with three distinctive areas

The garden is designed with three distinctive characters connected by vistas and views.

A quiet contemplative garden is at the bottom of the page leading to a rose garden which is for dining. 

The centre part of the garden is contained by clipped boxhead trees with a water rill either side, falling into shallow pools of water.

The lawned area for play is circular.

There is room on the terrace for parties, for sofa's and recliners. 

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A bridge over shallow waters

The garden is currently under construction.

It  has an enclosed entrance garden, a bridge over shallow water gaining access to the seating area, there is a place for dining and an outside kitchen.

A computer generated technical drawing showing the dimensions of hard landscaping elements such as a pergola and the width of paths. Lawns are shown in bright green and paths in yellow.
Projects: Welcome
A realistically rendered plan of a garden showing a range of seating areas linked by brick paths and planted dividers. At the bottom of the image a curved red brick path stretches down into a lawn.

Terrace Garden

My client wanted to extend their modest patio and moved their clipped hedge to surround the southern part of the house.


They then called me.

The brief was simple - they didn't want any obstruction to the views and the new terrace was to accommodate their extended range of furniture. They also wanted to show case a new statue where the base was fixed in place.

The terrace is designed as a series of rooms for each type of activity linked by brick paths and separated by planting.

There are deer and rabbits around so the plants are a careful mix of scented or textural perennials and grasses. Small shrubs are popped in for some winter interest and around the seating a more formal look with clipped topiary.

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