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Snow covers a brick path leading to a fountain on a raised circular terrace. Around it, pruned topiary is covered in snow.

Winter in my Garden

Frozen in time and sprinkled with snow


This is the Secret Garden laid out in formally. There are clipped dwarf hedges that centre around a stone fountain. Beyond is a large urn and two impressive yew cones stand sentry.

I love this statue - in fact I love statuary in any garden, discreetly placed among the foliage. I move mine around sometimes giving them something else to focus on. At the moment, this little lady gazes quizically at the frost on the Ligustrum Jonandrum - yes it will survive!

A statue of a grecian woman stands beside a frost covered bush.

Brrr, borrowed landscape amid a blue cold sky, grasses swirling around with frosted curls and  ghostly hydrangea heads amongst the feathers of fat grasses.

A peek through the garden onto a frozen bench. 

A thin layer of snow covers a bench on a white lawn in the background. In the foreground, thick bushes are covered in frost and snow.

The garden takes on an ethereal look which is so totally different to the charm and colour of summer. It almost looks vintage. 

A wide shot of a lawn, shrubbery and trees all covered in frost.

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