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Things to consider doing in the garden this month – January 2023.

If you’re lucky to be growing a wisteria on the walls of your house, then it’s a good time to prune now. This will encourage strong healthy blooms that will sing your praises in Spring when it will flower profusely for you. After a prune don’t forget to feed and mulch.

If you haven’t mulched your garden or collected leaf debris from your borders then January is a good time to get be doing it. Clearing the leaves means that you’re not harbouring damaging pathogens which could harm your soil and your plants.

Ahh and our wonderful roses will need some attention too this month – mulching with a wet organic mulch is best and put it generously around the base of the plant. If you haven’t pruned them and it's going to remain mild then it’s a perfect time to do so and remember to clear all the leaves off the plant including any that have dropped onto the ground. If you notice a cold spell up ahead then its best to leave this job until a bit later.

Are you thinking of planting trees or hedges or main structure evergreens this year? Doing this now or between January and March will be timely – we’re having warm(ish) and wet weather with little ground frost which make conditions for doing this ideal. There will be time for the roots to nestle down before the plant needs to send signals to start growing.

This should keep you busy but if you need help with any of this or with other jobs then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can advise on mulches, pruning, planting and make plant recommendations. We also can arrange to visit you for a consultation.

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