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Tips for an Autumnal Garden Bursting with Colour

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

As the leaves begin to change and the air takes on a crisp, refreshing quality, autumn brings a hue of new colours into our gardens. This season offers a unique opportunity to extend the joy of your garden through some careful plant choices that we love to use.

1. A Touch of Subtle Elegance - Hydrangea Little Lime

This hydrangea creates a stunning display of lime-green to pinkish blooms that will evolve throughout the season and bring warmth to your garden as the night's draw in. They create a wonderful centrepiece as they gracefully transition through the richer hues of burgundy and bronze before their years work is through.

Benefits: Hydrangea Little Lime are low-maintenance and attract pollinators which help contribute to local ecosystems. This makes them a perfect fit for small gardens. The blooms sit on firm branches that are strong enough to hold the heads without flopping. The plants won't get too big either so a great plant for a smaller garden.

(Foreground: Hydrangea Little Lime; Background: Euonymous Alatus)

2. A Fiery Focal Point - Eponymous Alatus

Commonly known as Burning Bush, Alatus transforms to have a vibrant red tone in autumn. This can be used to provide an eye-catching contrast in your garden. The also have an unusual bark that looks like cork. It's an open shrub enabling you to glimpse through it and it looks wonderful with Hydrangeas or amongst grasses.

Benefits: It can grow as a hedge though I prefer it as a shrub in a mixed border. It's definitely low maintenance but be careful if you have deer running through your garden because they love them too!

3. A Silvery Elegance - Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

While this choice may not add warm autumnal hues, their heart-shaped silver leaves brighten up any shaded space and will provide a stunning contrast as the colours in your garden warm up.

Benefits: Brunnera thrives in the shade and loves moist soil - this little plant makes it a perfect option to add some brightness to those dark areas in the garden.

They have pretty blue flowers in the spring which resemble 'forget-me-nots' but do take care for the slugs.

4. A Wintery Showstopper - Cornus Elegantissima

Their striking variegated (dual-toned) leaves and bright red stems add a touch of colour and excitement; they can give a vertical interest if you let them grow tall.

Benefit: Cornus Elegantissima is also a great choice to liven up your garden year round. In the winter the coloured stems are a real show stopper - its vibrant red standing out against the snow and frost in the coldest months.

5. One Last Bloom for Pollinators - Anemone Hupehensis

With charming pink and white flowers, these can provide a beautiful, colourful touch to your garden.

Benefit: These late blooms are loved by pollinators and can enhance the biodiversity in your garden and local area. They prefer some shade because the sun can scorch the leaves but too much shade and they flop. Staking is an option or grow through plant supports in the early stages.

People often view their outdoor spaces as exclusively for the warmer months, but we have years of experience helping people create captivating spaces for the whole year. These choices are our favourites to add colour and life to your garden in the autumnal months. If you have any questions about how we could help you get the most from your garden, please Get in Touch.

Happy Gardening!

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