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Creating Gardens - A Little Introduction

Updated: Dec 27, 2022


Hi, I've created a blog about my gardens and my garden designs.


I work mostly in Hampshire and Wiltshire for people who are inspired by the natural order of ecology which in a nutshell means caring about our environment. As a passionate garden designer and private gardener, I think our micro contribution starts within our gardens where our personal and individual control makes a huge difference.

Image credited to Joanna._photos - see her on Instagram

The difference we can make is providing a haven for things to grow – this means our plant life and those tiny insects and birds that depend on those plants. For example I’ve recently encouraged one client to plant three feature white barked trees close together. This will create not only a stunning visual effect but also establishes a mini woodland where our indigenous bugs will thrive and grow and the trees themselves positively influencing against climate change.

So gardens is about providing havens for small animals, birds and insects, combating against climate change and it’s also about our wellbeing.

Gardening gives us hope it’s like we are planning for a future. Our hard work in the spring to sow seeds to cultivate the plot will benefit us later and there’s nothing we can do to hurry it along. There’s no sitting back either, always plenty to do whether it’s keeping on top of leaves, lawns or weeds and then a year goes by and we do it all again.

In our strange disposable world gardening teaches us patience and restraint. Simple concepts about nurture, hope, creativity and providing safe havens is the world of gardens.

Gardens are true journeys - never static, always evolving and hopefully always giving.

Here I am just back from planting trees and shrubs in a new front garden

Check us out and contact us for advice or for a garden design.

Spring is around the corner and it's a brilliant time to start - early bird as they say ....

07900 312120

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